Of the sine and cosine...

Raising Steam - Terry Pratchett

And once again, Mr Pratchett undervalued the use of chapter breaks. Granted, about half the books I've read by him are like that, but sometimes It's useful to know where to stop for the evening.


Moist finds himself representing Ankh-Morpork's interest in the development of the railroad...or rather, the Patrician's interest in the development of the railroad. Since they're one and the same... Well, there you have it.


Tangling the basic plot into a gordian knot is the dwarf rebellion of sorts. Poor Moist finds himself burning the candle at both ends in an attempt to get everything done the Patrician wants.


Amusing thing - the Patrician plays hooky from time to time and goes out in disguise. Also amusing - bandits dumb enough to attack his coach don't live to regret it.


The biggest issue possibly with this book is the sense of time passing. You know it took a while, but you don't really know how long a while. A year maybe? Two? Who knows. There really isn't any way to tell.