Can only suspend disbelief so far...

Dash of Peril - Lori Foster

When I initially did the review, Booklikes was down for maintenance.  Then, Booklikes was back, but Goodreads was off, and I hadn't thought to copy/paste in a document.  Anyway...


The characters:

Dash. H. Due to unfortunate name, I keep picturing kid from Incredibles. He's a trust fund baby. Never says how wealthy but he only works because he likes to keep busy, and he owns the company, so lets face it; he's a millionaire. He owns a construction company and is one of those mythological creatures authors keep assuring us exist - hot construction worker. See, all I ever see are: the string bean (could hide behind a 2x4) and the beer belly (self explanatory). He is, of course, a chest beater.

Margo. AKA. Margaret, Lieutenant. h. I keep picturing the female sergeant from Police Academy. You know, the one who Needs No Man to kick the bad guy's ass for her - with a side order of The Black Widow of course. Never truly helpless. So chest beater trying to protect her is rather laughable (he tries to prove to her that she's helpless even against an untrained man. She tricks him and points out that if he'd actually been a bad guy, she'd have head butted him and kicked him in the balls)

Plot - something to do with a BDSM porn ring although perhaps it should have been defined as a serial rapist who recorded his efforts and passed the clips around for others' enjoyment.

It..wasn't bad but... I felt the author went way out of her way to make the h soft and vulnerable. Also, the early hints that there might be bondage and his mental "hell no" at her question if he'd let Her tie Him up made me twitch (mostly because authors seem to have this habit of making dominant women closet submissives which irks me). We were bombarded repeatedly with the fact that she has soft curly brown hair, making me think in previous books that she shellacked it or something.

And then there was the confrontation with the bad guys where, one of them specifically says he's not going to put kerosine on the young woman, yet from there on after, it's treated as de facto that she's been doused. Umm...did we forget what we wrote there? Why didn't an editor catch this?

And finally - for the whole series - there seems to be this obsession with the word "panties". Look. I get it. She wears panties. In fact, all the women do. So do I. I. DON'T. CARE.