Bare It All - Lori Foster

As I read, I began to get this vibe from Alice, that she might have Aspergers. She just seemed... I dunno... to lack a social filter - not that that is necessarily a sign but some of the things she'd say Plus, there was her past,


With that in mind, the way the H manipulated her seemed particularly insidious.

There were highlights though - her telling the H that she thought of Rowdy as being like a girlfriend (poor Rowdy, his sister, her fiancé, his friend, all hear this), the lieutenant showing up at the tattoo parlor dressed, well...


Some editing mishaps - the lieutenant was dressed in high heels, a barely there black shirt, and a white blouse that exposed her navel. Am pretty sure that was supposed to be a SKIRT; not a shirt. Also, Rowdy at one time was driving a Falcon and the thought was the truck had a good, secure lock. Uh... the Falcon isn't a truck so I'm guessing they meant trunk. Minor issues but they did yank me out of the story.