Run the Risk - Lori Foster

There are a few things you can count on with a Lori Foster - an alpha male (and by alpha, I mean chest-beater), no even looking at another female once the h is in his crosshairs, lots of effort on the H's part to shove h in a closet so he can vanquish her foes with chest-beating, and, of late, some villainy leading to (sigh) human trafficking. Actually, this last is true of pretty much every romantic suspense I've read of late - beyond the serial rapist/killer plot.


So, our h has been in hiding, as has her brother, following the witnessing of a commissioner's murder by cops on the take. Our H, because the commissioner was his friend, is out to find the witness to take down the bad guy no matter what. Genius. No-really. I get trying to get closer to a stray, apparently vulnerable female just to, you know, paint her with a bullseye so the bad guy knows where to shoot - the bad guy that You - the good guy - is trying to take down. Really. I mean; he drags her brother in, thus making sure he's in one place to be targeted. Because apparently we've never heard of witless protection. Mmmmboy...


And...of course she eventually forgives him, because you know, he's so GOOOOOOOOD. Sorry. Am not that forgiving, and would rather have Bob than jerk who used me.