The Lion's Daughter - Loretta Chase

Hmmm... Well, I assumed I'd like it since I haven't been disappointed in a Chase yet but I guess there's always a first time. Why?


"My Name is Esme Brentmoor, you killed my father, prepare to die."


She wasn't nearly as charming or intelligent as Inigo though, being self-centered, arrogant, and showing careless disregard to practically everyone in her path (including her 12 year old cousin, who was actually smarter than her). Also, Inigo and his companions worked TOGETHER.


Everyone else was irritated at her for endangering herself, including her father, who had faked his death to keep her from being used against him.


I'm surprised at the end (after the huge fight which saw her uncle dead, the young man she'd intended to kill to avenge her father in his non-death badly injured, herself nearly killed), the various people she'd treated like halfwits while heedlessly endangering them didn't line up to deliver her a bitch-slapping. Her husband - the H - did have a discussion with her, telling her they couldn't have kids because he didn't trust her not to toss one out the window for annoying her.