One Wild Wedding Night - Leslie Kelly

>blink< An abortive 3-some in a harlequin blaze? Whoa.

Ok, this is technically 4 tiny novellas and a chapter, each about a bride's maid and well, the chapter is the bride herself.

And... it's about the best of these categories I've read in this recent batch, *maybe* because like the last one featuring several short stories, there isn't a whole lot there to make you question the intelligence of either party.

I mean; I suppose I could give details about them (I suspect someone is demanding to know about that near-3-some), but with the exception of one, story, everyone knows the other party (well, except for the third wheel there - the h didn't know him at all).

Ok, 'bout that aborted 3-some. Apparently, during phone sex with the H, the h had discussed it. Then she disappeared. He tracks her down, accompanied by a guy who well... Let's just say the massage the stranger gave her was quite intimate and ah...the H watched. Then the H went down on her while the other guy stimulated the "girls". The H was mentally steeling himself for her telling the other guy to continue on but she decided she didn't want his assistance anymore. Felt kinda sorry for the other guy, truth be told, since he vanished into obscurity once he left their room. So there it is.