Some days...

The Mighty Quinns: Teague - Kate Hoffmann

you just want to reach through the pages and give someone a good bitch-slapping.


The H/h were friends as kids, then lovers. Then, oh nos; he goes off to university so she essentially throws a tantrum in her room and runs away "because he abandoned her". Oh, but her grandfather didn't get along with his family and was hiding his letters to her/not posting her letters to him (and it never occurred to the twit apparently).


Now, years later, she's a soap star (a step above making commercials I guess), with a decent income and...


She wants financial security, which I began to realize she wants to be a gazillionaire so she'll never be homeless (because there's no middle ground apparently). He just wants her. Why, I dunno. She's perfectly willing to use him for sex, but keeps telling him she's not staying. And he keeps putting out which makes him seem like the pathetic girl who thinks her magic hoohah will win him over (except it's apparently a magic pen but whatever).


He starts feeling resentment at being used near the end, she tells him not to be cruel. He tells her he's just being honest.


At the end, she's figured out she wants him so has come home, discovered the shanghaied mail. He's...hesitant. Wonder why. Unfortunately, like many heroines in category romance, he falls over with his legs in the air (or dick in this case).