To Marry a Scottish Laird - Lynsay Sands

I like Ms Sands' PNRs but while I read her historicals, I'm frequently as frustrated with them as I am any other historical writer. Why is it so hard to write a historical without some villain trying to kill either the H or the h? No - really. It's been a while since I've read anything where there wasn't someone trying to kill one of the two. As irritating as that is, it's almost inevitable that one of the two characters comes across as TSTL at some point; it's just a matter of when.


That, btw, is a random rant; not directed at any writer in particular because most all of them do it.


So our h is masquerading as a boy. Our H, avoiding all the females his mother keeps throwing at him (I'll save that rant for later), has been hiring himself out as a mercenary and is on his way home when he finds her under attack. He has no idea the boy is a girl, he's hurt, etc. Now we have a WWCD moment - Crystal would NOT decide to bathe *at all* while masquerading as a boy, on foot, to deliver a message, regardless of traveling companions or lack thereof. That's just...DUMB!!


Our H/h had an internal conflict - a misunderstanding. He asked her to go with him to his clan holdings - presumably as his mistress. She, not being stupid (at least at that particular moment) said no. Later, it's revealed that she's the niece of the heroine in the previous book, thus not a commoner, so they're quickly wed. Of course, H thinks she refused him just because, and h thinks he only married her out of duty so... The presence of a bad seemed to be for the express purpose of getting the two talking. Uh... And...while she's caught, nothing is ever said about what happened to her.