Any Pirate In A Storm (Silhouette Desire, No 368) - Suzanne Carey

Ok, I give up.


The back of this book gives you the impression the h is kidnapped by a relative (distant I assume). Then you read it - or try.


The h is a widow with a 4 year old conceived via sperm bank (deceased husband was apparently sterile due to illness). She runs into a "pirate" during some sort of celebration. He asks others who she is, but never ventures his name. For good reason, it seems. His company is working out a deal with another S and L (yeah; h is VP at one, v. dated) to take over the family S and L. Oh, and he's the sperm donor.


I skipped to the end to find out she forgives him in 24 hours and the grand gesture of his transferring his stock to the kid. Hmmm. Right. Take more than 24 hours for me to get over the feeling of being used, sorry dude. So, since the ending didn't thrill me at all, and reading to a lousy ending is not unlike watching a train wreck, I decided to stop while I was ahead (before she'd actually slept with him, discovered she'd already given birth to his daughter, etc.)