Northern Escape - Jennifer LaBrecque

I confess to skimming.


Let's see... h was previously engaged to some guy whose family was influential. She broke up with him, and he started stalking her. So she's been living in bumblefart nowhereville off the grid for 4 years.


H is a travel reporter. He comes to bumblefart nowhereville for reasons I never really understood. Something about doing an article on some Christmas celebration there. Why, I dunno. I mean; I'd imagine off-the-wall Christmas celebrations are pretty common in one-horse towns.


He maneuvers his way into helping her with her restaurant. Maneuvers his way into her bed, she spills everything but the name initially. A day (or was it two) later, she tells him that. Conveniently, the stalker went missing on his honeymoon cruise, suspected of being pushed overboard. No body though. Huh.


So now the barrier is gone that keeps her trapped here, so he quickly proposes, and is surprised that she says that she's surprised he'd be willing to move there. Once he states his feelings on that matter, she turns him down.


Of course, the whole town knows he proposed and assumes she's moving, so they're all staking claims on her stuff. Frankly at this point, I'd have had a very public meltdown. On the mike. Instead, she just politely tells everyone she's not moving.


Of COURSE the next morning she meets him at the tiny airstrip to head back to NYC "because she's stifled here". I guess she'd rather be one of many little fish in a sea of humanity than the big fish in the only diner in town. (rolls eyes). That of course is assuming dirtbag is indeed dead and not hiding somewhere waiting for her to turn up.