Kiss of Wrath - Sandra Hill

Re: the cover. Am I the only one who thinks he looks like he has a combover?


It was interesting...watching Mordr loosen up. He was finding himself surrounded by children. At times I almost expected him to run screaming into the night, well, sobbing might be a better description. See, he'd had 2 children and they were killed in a raid. He never got over it. Considering it's been at this point, over 1200 years, that's a long time to grieve.


Kids being kids, they know few boundaries, and respect even fewer without someone being willing to commit acts of violence on their person. Fortunately, the boundaries they pressed against were emotional.


The h, single, finds herself the caretaker of her cousin's *5* children. Even better, their father is an abuser who is getting out of prison shortly and, in his tiny little brain, sees her as having taken all his stuff (she sold the house she and her cousin co-owned. He apparently didn't know her name was on the deed). So he wants revenge.

And...and...and... Ok, really, I read these because it's often amusing how the H/h interact with each other and work out their differences. That there's usually a decent plot to go with it doesn't hurt.


I'm getting suspicious of Mike though. I get the feeling that he's playing matchmaker using reverse psychology. Funny actually, and a nice change from the matchmakers who keep trying to manipulate the H/h into seeing things their way, in spite of differences.