Primal Instincts (Harlequin Blaze #378) - Jill Monroe

Ok, let me explain.


Here's part of the blurb:

Subject A: photojournalist Ian Cole, is sent to ghostwrite a book on sex in various cultures.  Instead of finding a white-haired professor, he is greeted by Subject B, anthropologist Ava Simms, wearing only a teeny loincloth and body paint...


So who is this Miriam character and why should we care that she's trying to sneak way from some 20 year old kid she's had a ONS with?  I mean; this is the first chapter, folks.  You find out it's the H's *sister*.  The H's *sister gets more than the H does, and we're privy to details.  Further, her ONS hunts her down (stalker).


Three chapters from the end, the H/h have finally done the deed.  Halfway through this chapter, the ONStalker/BoyToy finally figures out that the sister is uncomfortable and embarrassed to have a relationship with a "man" (well, from my POV, his balls have barely dropped) 15 years her junior.  Really?  What was his first clue - maybe the fact that she ran out on him after the ONS?  Or didn't return his calls?  Come on junior; she's old enough to be your mother.  Of COURSE she's uncomfortable with the age difference.


Of course, she decides she loves him (or rather his dick) enough to show him off, then the H/h finish the book and go their separate ways, only to spring back like they're attached with a bungie cord.


The sad thing is, if the book had stayed focused on the main couple (and left that whole socially awkward december/may thing with his sister out, maybe gave them a book of their own if you must), it would have rated a lot higher.