Please...make it stooooop!!!!!!!!

Seductive Stranger - Charlotte Lamb

I was wrong - having the protagonists closer to the same age does NOT improve the book. Or maybe it's just the era it was written in. On the bright side, I did not buy this book. Rather, it was one of the many I brought home when cleaning out a deceased relative's house.


Considering the relative's age, I'd imagine the H/h wore on her nerves too.


It's hard really to like a book when... the h is engaged to someone else. The someone else conveniently elopes with the H's kid sister, thus setting up the pairing. Of course, were it me, the chances of pairing would have come to an abrupt ending in chapter 2 when the h was awakened from her nap in a dark, empty house by the doorknob turning. 'Twas the H "checking on her". Bet he'd regret that after a shotgun blast. No - not v. tolerant of sleep being interrupted by strangers sneaking into my bedroom. >:(


Beyond that, he was an ass, an overbearing ass at that, and I fight dirty so he'd have been rolling on the floor cupping something for attempting to manhandle me.


'Nuff about the "H". The h was irritating in her own way. Mostly by actually vocalizing her arguments with him. Oh, she managed to incite fury pretty easily, but she wasn't v. good with the putdowns; just the aggravation.