Bite Me - Shelly Laurenston

Ok. Very entertaining. Very.


Livy is amusing. Vic is, well, it was funny that every time he and Novikov met, they got into a roaring and head butting contest - and they really couldn't explain why. Until... the party at the karaoke bar. So you get a bear/feline hybrid a bit plastered, the feline part is drunk and the bear part is in charge. Then they're immensely sensible. OTOH, what took them so long? She'd been showing up in his kitchen cabinet for at least a year, usually nekkid, and only NOW do they suddenly go for it? More importantly, SHE's the one who makes a move, and that only after some injury or something that makes her want to find the nearest shifter and jump him. Odd... at least the previous books (except for Ric/Dee-Ann) had the H/h pursuing at the first opportunity/meeting.


I wonder (hope) if the story arc involving hunters and stuffed shifters is over, because in all honesty, the dragging it out bit irritated me.