Wolf with Benefits - Shelly Laurenston

First off, the cover. Is it just me, or does that dude look like Hewie Lewis?


Poor Toni. She seems to have been relegated to nannie status. And, because her parents can't or won't control the rest of their brood, she's essentially afraid to leave.


In the meantime, her sociopathic younger sister has found a way to gain loads of money by selling little brother down the river.


Her management skills with difficult personalities land her a job managing the shifter hockey team's travel and publicity, leading to a trip to Russia while her family figures out how to manage their life without her. To help them with this, she enlists Novikoff's aid. I gathered that the darlings realized suddenly that if they didn't learn to manage themselves, someone worse than them would aid in that.


In the meantime... she attracts the attention of Ricky, a couch potato of a wolf who seems content to just do whatever he's told - as long as nobody he cares about is threatened.


In the end, they're an item naturally, sociopathic sibling is kicked out of home, and well, mayhem has occurred again.