I finally figured out...

Big Bad Beast - Shelly Laurenston

why I like this author so much.  Her shifters behave the way we wish we could but can't because we don't heal that well.  Come to think of it, her humans do too sometimes (although I just find it amazing friends can get into fights like that and not hold grudges).  Really though, how many of us have annoying relatives we'd like to pitch over a balcony?  We don't though because if they survived, it'd take months to heal and we'd feel guilty - assuming we didn't end up in jail for it.


Heh, having already read Dee-Ann's parents' novella, I knew eventually she and Ric end up in TN for a visit, so it was interesting seeing how they worked it out.


Ric, much like Van, sees the Woman of his Dreams and is obsessed. Only issue? Well, the two of them are children. Apparently Eggie - her dad - took note of it and wasn't really surprised, if a bit disgusted, to discover his little girl and that Van Holtz are mated. Of course, that doesn't happen overnight, otherwise, there wouldn't be much point in the book, right?


Sometimes one wonders if the Van Holtz pack doesn't have a fox or three in their background. Ric is sneaky. He finally grabs Dee-Ann (who keeps breaking into his apartment) and kisses her. Then, after setting them both on fire so to speak, backs off. She chases him down and well... game on.


As is typical, there is much mayhem along the way and at least one person responsible for the hybrid abductions is caught, executed, and dumped in a landfill (fitting really) Really though, I read it for the mayhem.