Beast Behaving Badly - Shelly Laurenston

Ok, the cover. I keep thinking the guy looks familiar but that hair... am I the only one who thinks the reason the top of his head is cut off is to hide the big pink hair bow he's wearing to keep his hair out of his eyes?


With Blayne for a mate, it could happen. Blayne is the sort of person you either want to strangle, or protect from herself. She's...spastic. Bo, with different parents (like say, Irene), would likely have been the child prodigy. In some ways, he was anyway, though in athletics. He's a stick, not a bit of a stick; a full-on stick. Grouchy, uptight, and a stick. Also obsessed with his schedule and his sport - hockey.



She made him her mission. And...he did unbend a bit. Also adjusted any scheduling involving her to accommodate her forgetfulness. Somehow though, I think the book could have been a tiny bit longer to illustrate just how well that worked.