Howl For It - Shelly Laurenston, Cynthia Eden

It's an...awkward pairing - these two authors. yeah; they're both shifters, but pairing Laurenston's hair brained lunacy with the far more serious tones of Ms Eden...just doesn't really work for me. Of course, the feeling that Ms Eden's books are somewhat random pairings in her world doesn't help (I get no sense of where anything is going).


Like the previous duology, the story from Ms laurenston is more like a prequel. At least this one has the reading order correct. Beyond that, it was v. interesting - the h, for all that she's a she-wolf, is all honey and sweetness. The H... Lone wolf maybe? An odd pairing for sure, but then maybe he needed a softer female (somehow, I think the way the other females acted would have had him avoiding them).


The second story was interesting, to be sure; just a bit more serious than I generally like (even if the beginning promised otherwise).