HELP!! Brain cells dying!

The Frenchman's Captive Wife (Harlequin Presents, #2594) - Chantelle Shaw

I have no idea...why I even had this book. It had a sticker on it suggesting I picked it up at the library book store, which perplexes me. Surely I had a reason for buying it. But what?

Ok, the rules for HP need to be revised.

H old enough to be h's father
h painfully naive
PA (because every gazillionaire has a PA) ex-supermodel astrophysicist who manages his books as a hobby (while trying to get in his pants)
Some form of misunderstanding because H is clueless about PA's intentions and thinks h is psychotic.

New (proposed):
H closer in age to h
h having a passing familiarity with BOB (and the ability to say "No")
PA (if you really insist on having one) being old enough to be H's mother and about as willing to box his ears for being stupid.
H/h actually getting to know each other and, you know, trying to see things through each other's eyes

There. That about covers it. Would save me from reading about some 22 year old and her nearly 40 year old husband who refuses to believe his PA is deliberately causing strife in his marriage. Also would keep me from snorting that price tags are hardly indicators of taste (if I had to read one more time about her cheap dress, I was going to scream).

Oh yeah. One other thing - rules for riding. Never ride alone. Ever.