Hunting Season  - Shelly Laurenston

A lot more serious and wordy than the previous books I've read by this author (and not published under her pseudonym - G. A. Aiken)


H apparently was suddenly struck by the Luv Bug while in the middle of his acceptance speech.  And...he's been staring at the h (and his version of courting, which seems to be following her team around and swiping whatever artifact they've liberated from idiots).  He convinces her to spend 24 hours with him.  She thinks she can do this and go on about her life.  Right.


In the meantime...  well, there is an underlying plot with a bad guy but a good deal of the book seemed to be devoted to the H/h and their developing relationship.  She's nearly killed by the bad guys, and spends several days recovering in his home (along with all her friends), pretty much unable to get away from his devotion (which unnerves her quite a bit).  Eventually the bad guys are taken care of and she stops fighting whatever it is she's fighting.