Skin Game: A Novel of the Dresden Files - Jim Butcher

Ok, v. entertaining to well, see what's going on - and in 3 days no less.


I did have a question - how did Hannah get that particular denaria?  Harry had buried the thing in concrete.  The house may have burned but...


Beyond that...  Harry being passed on to Nickodemis for a plot, considering his feelings toward him...  and the resulting scheming (because Harry has every intent of putting the screws to ol' Nick, and apparently has Mab's permission - after the job is done) made for an interesting 3 days and however many pages.


I was relieved that Hades was neutral - I've never quite figured out why hollyweird keeps portraying him as jealous and scheming since he's not written that way in mythology.


And after all that, Harry gives birth, and Butters saves the day (by becoming a Jedi knight.  Heh.)  Molly STILL hasn't told her dad that she's the Winter Lady now, although he did notice one of the women on the statue looked an awful lot like her.