When He Was Bad - Cynthia Eden, Shelly Laurenston

Should have read this one before the Magnus Pack series since they take place much later.


Seems normal for child prodigy of the science variety to...oh I dunno...create nasty things the government wants to use. And to blow things up.


Seems somewhat normal I guess for shifters to pretty much ignore anything they don't want to hear. So he spots her, and essentially stalks her for 7 years before opportunity presents itself for him to ah...claim her. You know, you'd think these guys would get it. Obsess over a single female; she's probably your mate. OTOH, the confirmed bachelors, if they ever figured that out, would run in the opposite direction. In the meantime, women who find themselves being stalked by said dingbats tend to fight back, violently. In this world? That's foreplay. That which does not kill you, makes you horny.


Since this was a duology, I must give a bit of time to the second story. Plus - vampires are generally bad. Minus - there are exceptions. The reason this is a plus is most books with vampires have them as main characters. It's refreshing to see someone not go that route. That there are some who are exceptions leads to the possibility though of a vampire hero.


The heroine...is a bit freaked at first to discover the H is a shifter (he comments that the wolves are psychotic. I take it that other shifters aren't?), but she gets over it awfully quickly. She also seems awfully gung ho about hunting down the bad nasty vampire who attacked her (and somewhat oblivious to her own risk). I also found it odd that the H didn't have kin or something. Seems odd to rely on law enforcement particularly when he knew they didn't have a chance against the bad guy. I dunno... I was underwhelmed by it.