Alien Diplomacy - Gini Koch

So what happened? What brought me to DNF/purge the remainder of a series that by all indications was a hit? A lot of things.


I could say it was because Kitty became increasingly a Sue.


I could say it was because Kitty was starting to irritate me.


But that's not really what did me in. See, along the way, we were introduced to the notion that some wanted to control the A-Cs - by making them part of the war division. Then, in book 4, we were introduced to Frankenstein's Lab where replacements had been assembled for the men in team Alpha (must note that there was a team alpha but that seemed to be the only team so why bother). Now, as I skim along (including the books I haven't read yet), we have androids to kill off everyone or something (and deny the A-Cs citizenship or even rights so they essentially become...what exactly?), and, and, and, at some point, you realize that there's a mad scientist and his laboratory in every book, and he's cloning, making androids, taking body parts and assembling them into a...something.


Is this it? Is the series going to go on into infinity with every book essentially about Kitty and team stopping some mad scientist from recreating a controllable A-C? If that's the case, then I'm outta here.