Pack Challenge - Shelly Laurenston

Hah. Well, that was...entertaining. Vastly entertaining. Not sure how Sara, who thinks of herself as being more like a Golden Retriever, turns slightly psychotic once her inner wolf is unleashed, but I'll take it.


So... Sara's grandma refused to accept her inner wolf and lived as human. Not accepting it eventually turns you bat shit crazy. Her daughter accepted it, mated, had a kid... pissed off a lion pride who killed her and her mate. Kid is Sara, who survived. Grandma never told her what she was. She apparently forgot what she was too.


H comes to town because technically, she's a member of his pack. I'm still fuzzy on the whole turned bit as they're born shifters so..turned?! Eh? Anyway, the lions have arrived too and are after her. Mayhem ensues, particularly after he triggers her inner wolf.


What I didn't really like - the casual insults like bitch, etc., being tossed amongst the friends. I dunno... I can't say as I've ever had friends indulge in name calling as casual conversation. Bugs me for some reason.