Nooooooo; not a SUUUUEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

Alien Proliferation - Gini Koch

I confess that this one didn't work well with me. Oh, it had parts that worked pretty darned well but... I think the biggest problem I may have had was the timeline. If I'm to understand correctly, this took place over about a week. The baby was born on Christmas. They finally slept and woke up on New Years. Right. See, I have a lot of issues with that one, like the fact that there are no indications of passage of DAYS. And since we don't know how many days passed while Kitty was thinking, then we don't know how many DAYS apparently that she was away from baby. Now... I breastfed 3 of mine and I'm pretty danged sure that going for DAYS without expressing or feeding would have been miserable. Our heroine was able to ignore that apparently.'s official: Kitty is now a real Sue - she's gained superpowers so she can keep up with the aliens. Oh, and because of this, she's completely healed from childbirth. Great. Wonderful. Hate her already.


Which reminds me. In what universe does a Dr tell a new mom to "wait a week, then whenever you're ready" with regards to sex? Discounting her newfound mutations, really? See, I remember a week passing and, not to be gross but, the aftermath of childbirth is kinda like the period from hell. And it ain't over in a mere week.


There were other issues that bugged me, things like the absence of pronouns, and the whole torpedo thing.