Alien in the Family - Gini Koch

Hmmmm... near the end, while I was taking a break, it occurred to me what the book was reminding me of. You know near the end of Clue, when Tim Curry is recounting the events thus far and the "guests" are following him en mass from room to room? Yeah. That. Only in a good deal larger scale, like from the middle of nowhere Arizona, to Vegas, to the Compound, back to Vegas, back to nowhere, off-planet...(caught you with that; you assumed it would be Vegas again, didn't you?), then back to Vegas.


At the end of this exhausting stampede in circles, Kitty and Jeff tie the knot. In the meantime... they stop an interplanetary conspiracy...or was that two...and "handle" an attempt to halt interspecies marriages. Oh, and nearly lose Reader, only to have him saved by a miracle (guess death is optional if you're important), deal with stuff... and find themselves adopted by Poofs. Poofs are...interesting. They attach themselves to the royal family. They also eat the King if a better choice presents itself. I uh... I'm not sure if I were a king, well, queen, that I would want one. Actually, I'm not sure I would want to be a royal there.


I have to say, it's a good thing I understand the humor in this series because Kitty comes about as close to a Sue as you can get without actually being one.


I did finally figure out why everyone was puzzled by her attachment to Jeff - he's not exactly like her usual boyfriend.  Still didn't like them reminding her constantly of all her options (not sure it occurred to any of the losers but would you really want to be the backup plan?  Really?)