Touched by an Alien - Gini Koch

I'd been quietly adding these tomes to my TBR mountain for some time. It occurred to me recently that a) they take up a lot of room, and b) the longer I waited, the more daunting the read was going to be. IOW, I should have started reading the series about ...4 books ago I guess, when I picked up the first one at a UBS. So I dragged them out.


Why did I put it off so long?


So our h spots a newly parasitized person in front of the court house, and instead of running away, she attacks and kills the parasite with her pen. I'm kinda assuming it's a fountain pen but who knows. The H zips up and convinces her to join him and his fellow ah agents for recruitment. Much bs later, she figures out what they aren't saying and asks them if they're aliens.


Our h is v. good at figuring out what's not being said, discussed, or thought about. It's actually kinda funny - the females seem generally to be smarter than the males. So do the humans - seem to be smarter than the aliens that is. Odd really considering how much technology they have.


Quibble - mom seems to have the knack of figuring out who's crushing on the h, which is fine really but... she picks favorite and attempts to convince the h to hold off on making her own choice, likely in hopes that she'll pick the one mom likes better. Also encourages favorite in such a fashion as to cause conflict between him and H - cousin - at a really bad time.


Other quibble - favorite practically attacks h in elevator, yet she's the one feeling guilty? Eh?


Soo... not quite a 5 because that attempt at a mom-sanctioned love triangle irritated me, particularly when the h DID NOT encourage him and in fact, resorted to kung fu to get him off her (yet the H was ready to dump her?)