A good excuse to purge a couple of books from the mountain...

Touched by Darkness - Catherine Spangler

Actually, it should be darned grateful it didn't get DNFed. Why? The first 50+ pages were one long What Would I Do moment. Then...


You get the real grit about what is involved in the whole Sentinel/Conductor non-relationship. Frankly, it skeeves me out. Ok, to be honest, I do not like it when sex is reduced from an entanglement to a ah... meaningless religious ceremony or something. And I *really* don't like it when the H shrugs at the possibility of pregnancy (because apparently a ghost suit is unheard of) and says things like "if it's the will of the One". Yeah. Then you realize the organization has conductors it can send out to assist the Sentinel.


As I said to someone, it reminds me of something a friend came up with to mess with Nigerian scammers - Sophonda Cox and her Prostitutes for Jesus.


How womantic.


The characters... maybe I should just stick with the h at the moment. Given to being a drama queen (as opposed to calmly telling him to get lost, she panics and scares her kid half to death), she really got on my nerves for the first half of the book.


Am pretty sure there's been a 15 day wait to PURCHASE a handgun for some time - she goes and buys a baretta (that the local hardware store in bumblefart nowhere just *happened* to have in stock?!) and takes it home. Has to wait on a permit to carry though. Huh.


The H? Well, he was tied to that What Would I Do moment. What would I do? Shoot, shovel, and run like hell.