Midnight Blue-Light Special - Seanan McGuire

I have finally identified that moment that makes or breaks a book - it's the What Would I Do moment. The fewer of these moments a book has, the better the chances of me liking it. Also, the less teeth-gritting the moment is, helps.


This installment had a moment. Just a moment, so I'll sort of give it a bit of a pass. Sortof. So here's the moment - someone breaks into a motel room you and a friend/relative/whatever are holed up in. They're armed for bear, and they aren't a local, not even from the same side of the pond (which begs the question - where did the weapons come from? TSA ain't gonna look the other way). Your friend knocks this person out. Do you…a) tie them up and run like %$#@? Or b) call 911 and hysterically babble about some armed crazy person convinced you're an alien or something breaking into your motel room? I'd vote for the latter myself, if only just to embarrass the operative and cause a bit of an international incident which would lead to them being pulled back out of the country. But that's just me. Our h didn't do that obviously, setting the stage for her being captured by the enemy and the H officially throwing in his lot with her friends to help her escape.


Other than that though, the book is a nice follow-up. Also, the next book is about another family member - a pleasant surprise in that we aren't going to spend a dozen books with our h and her on-again, off-again boyfriend. They're apparently declaring themselves an item and the series moves on to another family member's troubles.