Discount Armageddon - Seanan McGuire

Heh. If all urban fantasies were this good/entertaining, I'd be a fan. Most seem to be paranormal romances - or smut - strung out for half a dozen books (which I really don't like)


Oh don't get me wrong; there is romance here but… you don't have chapters entirely devoted to The Deed, with details. And that is as it should be, leaving the main focus on the story.


Another plus, the heroine is not obnoxious. I know a lot with a female lead tend to have her acting like she's PMSing all the time. Either that or almost bipolar - one minute she's yelling and cursing while trying to kill someone, the next minute she's having a meltdown over a broken nail. Our h isn't like that. She covers bruises with makeup, uses Ace bandages to protect her knees/ankles, keeps her temper… I did wonder if everyone had an endless supply of throwing knives though. They ran out of bullets but not knives.