How to Seduce a Vampire (Without Really Trying) - Kerrelyn Sparks

I think…the security issue and Howard's nagging about it would drive a person insane.


And the Master Han story arc needs to be wrapped up. Honestly, there's not a thing wrong with having a completely stand-alone PNR. I know it seems difficult for some (most) authors, but some manage just fine with minimal story connections.


It is sadly ironic I guess that Gregori was unhappy in a previous book that he couldn't be changed back due to the fact that his mother destroyed anything that reminded her of his attack. And yet, Zoltan - 800+ years old - is apparently turned back. Also sad is the state of the dragons.


Still… the romance itself, when not sidetracked by that infernal story arc, was good. The h, under orders to kill intruders, particularly male intruders (after getting knocked up by them of course), runs across the H - a vampire. They have a ah…unique? courtship. Some v. amusing dialogue transpires, particularly after she figures out what he is.