I'm not laughing...

How to Date a Dragon - Ashlyn Chase

(rubs eyebrow) Not sure what it says about me but I find it easier to suspend disbelief at fangs, fur, and fire-breathing than I do a small business owner whose graphic design business is located, in its entirety, on a single laptop. No back-up, nothing.


Alas; creating a luddite who has a computer based business is just the beginning of the issues. At least she did get the preferred brand right - Mac - but… a computer that gets far enough along to tell you it can't find the operating system is hardly "melted" (actually, taking it to the nearest Apple-authorized service center would probably get it fixed in no time). And the h's entire focus being on the graphic designs she lost is kinda weird too - what about financial records and business contacts?


Writing on the back promises lots of laughter. I might have smiled a time or two. I have another definition of snarky - bitchy. And, from a personal POV, if I had to deal with a family like that, I would have moved to Antarctica to study freeze-dried penguins.


I really had a problem with the ending though - the h is lauded for sticking to her principals, whatever that is, by turning down Mother Nature's job offer *even when she knew that the H would give up immortality to be with her. Principals? Really? You call it a good thing that the h pretty much puts the H in the position of either being alone or dying because she's too self-absorbed to think about the fact that his giving up his immortality means he can be KILLED?!