Jace - Sarah McCarty

Well, this one started out on a good foot - the H is at a raid, rescuing his mate, and the were with him is supposed to be around a cave miles away, assisting his brothers with one of them's mate. Ummm… did we forget who was with whom, where?


And then I read the book. I still don't know what it means to be a were. That's ok, because I don't think they do either.


Supposedly only mated pairs can reproduce but… a male won't accept another male's offspring with his mate (like if she gets kidnapped or whatever).

Mating isn't a choice
There are different degrees of mating
(and you're going where with this?)
A mating for reproduction, with parties looking elsewhere for affection
(And elsewhere is ok with the female carrying her mate's kid?)
Full-on mating where she bites him
Alpha status is granted by virtue of being mated to an alpha woman
(but…the head alpha isn't mated…)
If the pack doesn't like the mate, they'll take him out and any female child from the union
Then they'll look to replace him with one of their own choosing
(But you said…)
The female makes the choice
(Aren't you contra…heck, who cares anymore. I'll just read the book for the romance, thankyouverymuch)


And that…inability to keep the laws of their nature straight is why this book, which is otherwise pretty good, rates a mere 3. I don't do inconsistency.