Jared - Sarah McCarty

You know, it's almost a given that when a vampire expresses hatred or a need to maim/kill the vampire who turned him, it's gonna turn out to hold a position in his life that he can't possibly envision emptying.


So our H, while off on a mission, finds a lone female vampire who is being harassed by male vampires. From his impression of her, I immediately thought, you realize that's the woman who turned your brother, don't you? No - he didn't. He apparently tuned out the part of his brother's speech about her being frail, sickly, and blond. So it's practically 50 pages from the end before he finds out. He's not nearly as upset as she expected him to be. Well d'oh; she's his mate.


I lost count of how many times he shredded clothes with a talon. Enough to make me wonder how these people live in such a vacuum if they go through clothes like that. Enough to make me wonder if the author realized that turtleneck had already been shredded once before with no mention of repairs (although at least she did have her repair her jeans even if I doubt regular sewing thread would hold up).


The book ends with the mission they're on incomplete, possibly because the next book starts from another POV while on the mission (and the amusement that the author forgot apparently which group one character was with)