Caleb - Sarah McCarty

It rates a 3 because...


You know, I've ranted enough about story arcs. And I finally realized something else - a well-done story arc is advanced by the individual stories without being so blooming obvious. I mean; fans of a certain time traveling highlander series were likely startled to discover there was a reason why all those druids (and a former fae) landed in a particular time. Subtle. This book lacks it. Halfway through, there's mention of this Sanctuary, then the last third of the book seems to be Sanctuary bs. Meaning the romance was marginalized for the all-important Reason for The Series (huh; thought that was the romance).


Up until then, I was liking it quite well. There were some things that were largely…glossed over (or ignored), like did someone go fetch her belongings? She accepted the loss of her former life too easily I thought - there were a few paragraphs involving her reluctance to let her family go, then… nothing. Along the same lines, it's like the supernatural community exists in a vacuum here - other than Caleb's going to town to see her daily (because she's his mate, not that he's willing to claim her), they never leave the ranch other than to chat with the weres or fight with Sanctuary. So… who got her belongings, did they bother to make people think she's dead, etc?