My sides hurt - from laughing

Furry United Coalition Bundle - Eve Langlais

Dr Seuss meets Looney Tunes with a side order of… ah… Lemme think.


See this is one that should rate higher simply because it kept me glued to the pages and snickering. What kept it from hitting higher is…a) I have a hard time giving 5 stars to books simply because they're funny and b) editing issues. Granted, I've seen worse - no misspellings or homonym issues but there were the occasional words transposed to where a sentence made no sense.


'Tis a 3-in-1 so…


Lessee… the first one, the h was trying to be professional - to a point - and not tell the H, seduce him, etc. He got grabbed and it was rather funny in that the three that the bad guys attempted to nab, the only one who wasn't grabbed was the one who was sleeping with the agent assigned to him. So much for that.


The second… I started giggling at the part where the h's father's goons tossed the henchman in with the H who proceeded to start eating him alive (well, he was a bear). Ok, so I'm a bit twisted but what a way to gain info.


The third one…ahh boy. Poor croc. Heh.