The Sylph Hunter - L.J. McDonald

It was a long wait for a new Sylph book. Was it worth it? Yeah.


I have issues though. *I* have the issues; not necessarily the book. This series is, well, it is a romance,sort of, but…one of the books wasn't. It was more straight up fantasy. So…the issue I have is the love triangle, such as it is, goes to fruition and well, the only reason the h ended up with the H is because the Queen of this mismanaged hive finally "woke up" and made decisions, one of which was to assist the H in taking out the Hunter. The battler that had designs on the h essentially sacrificed himself so the H could do what he needed to do (being human, he could sort of see the thing, unlike the battlers who couldn't) That…well, the conflict there soured my impression as far as a romance goes - who wants a romance where the reason the h ends up with the H is because her other choice dies? That her interest in the battler was largely the result of coercion doesn't make me feel any better.


And now that I've aired my gripe… I like the H, and we get a really good understanding why he's afraid of battlers, and how much courage he does have just to face one (even though they think of him as a coward because he's afraid). I feel kinda bad for him because he was more or less banished from the other hive. I get that Heyou was protective but don't think there was any risk to his happiness.


I do have questions, questions without answers (otherwise they wouldn't still be questions now, would they?) What happens to the hive when the queen dies? She's human, eventually she will. Masters can be replaced. What about a queen? Or is it the next woman who gets boinked by a battler fills the void. Hmmm...