An amusing diversion

Star Wars: Scoundrels - Timothy Zahn

What an amusing side trip. And now, I have a book I need to add a copy to my limited stash of Star wars books.


Taking place between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back, it does offer the, albeit brief, explanation as to why Han still owes Jabba after all those ammo lockers of credits were loaded onto the Falcon. Seems Han had a run-in with (are you ready for this?) pirates. How funny, and how ironic.


So he gets hired by someone who was robbed by a regional crime lord - he thinks (there's a doozy of a twist at the end that I will not spoil. Sorry). He gathers a group of mercenaries of varying types to assist in this.


Of course, things never go exactly as they seem, because when half of the job is a con job, there's a great potential for things to go sideways, which they do (and cross ways,and…. it becomes a regular gordian knot there eventually).


The highlight though, of the whole book, which had me bursting out laughing, was the aftermath of the safe cracking.


I'm still not entirely sure the events could have occurred between the two movies as Lando gave every impression that the last time he'd seen Han was when he lost the Falcon.