I have a concussion now….

The Geek Girl and the Scandalous Earl - Gina Lamm

from the face palming 


In some ways, it was much better than the first. Still off though.


The humor was minuscule. OTOH, bonus points for a H who a) isn't the Duke of Earl and b) isn't "well over 6'" Our H is a valet, a pugilist, and a vicar's son. He's also a mere 5'10" or so.


Issues… the valet, like the lady's maid, was a rather personal position and while a housekeeper might suggest the latter if the woman didn't bring her own, the housekeeper (or butler) sure was not in a position to relieve them of their duties or position. Only an employer (in this case, the Duke himself) was in a position to do that and it would take some serious screw-up to cause that to happen (who would want to set loose someone who knew everything about them and risk them blabbing in revenge?)


And then there was the man who was forcing the H to throw fights. I get what he was doing but, the H's employer enjoyed and attended these "events" (likely illegal). The point where the man approached the Duke about debt and the Duke asked the H, he should have told him upfront what the man wanted. He also should have told the h when he received the threat against her - forewarned is forearmed and all that.


Because of all this, a glitch was introduced in the whole time travel bit - the mirror is not quite the same now (and it would be interesting to see if that has been addressed in book 3 *if* I bother to read it)