The Geek Girl and the Scandalous Earl - Gina Lamm

This book was cute and funny and hilarious and….very awkward.


First gripe - who in their right mind goes to move a bunch of junk in a warehouse while wearing a tank, shorts, and…flip-flops? No gloves, no hat, apparently the long hair was down. I know it's hot, dirty, sweaty work but sheesh; dropping something heavy on your foot, getting bare skin scraped on odd bits of furniture, and well, dust, spiders, etc… So here our h is, dressed inappropriately for the job she's doing, and she gets sucked back in time via a possessed piece of furniture, to land in the H's bedroom. Dressed like that. Yeah.


The H is a peer of the realm so why is it that a member of the demimonde is hassling him? Why hasn't he had her deported or committed or something yet? And… he offers lodging to our h.


The humor comes from the fish-out-of-water in a My Fair Lady-esque manner. And boy was it funny at times. The social issues though with the setting kept me from really enjoying it. He's living in Town. I assume there's an estate somewhere? Why doesn't he retreat there? Why doesn't he enlist aid here? He doesn't her seen at his home because it'll ruin her reputation but how does he plan to hide this? I dunno…