Less Than a Gentleman (Mass Market) - Kerrelyn Sparks

Cover looks like it should be a HP spoof; not a Revolutionary war era historical.


Not quite the same charm as the first book, largely because of…the Numbskull. Ok, you're wanted, your dad is imprisoned, and you're surprised that the British/Loyalists decide to use your mother as bait? Em… right. Further, you agree to sneak around the hidden passageways in the family home to spy on said Brits and it never occurs to you that *maybe* you should have a plan for getting your family out? Really?


And the funny thing - genius boy there is worrying about the h taking risks that'll get her killed - spying herself - but it never once occurs to him that his actions might be traced back there without her involvement at all.


Truly, the book would have rated lower if it weren't for the rather hilarious pokes at the H's manhood - he was kissing her, her dress had a pin in it that poked her. She told him she was poked by something, then added it was only a little prick (that was just one)