Like a chocolate covered milk bone...

Kiss the Bride: There Goes the Bride/Once Smitten Twice Shy - Lori Wilde

Recently, I bought a box of diet snack bars that, after I opened and started eating one, I realized they tasted a lot like I'd imagine a chocolate covered milk bone would taste.


Now, how does that relate to this book?


I've read a bunch of numbered romances lately - this one is a twofer originally published as…several somethings. Book was unclear as to where and well, anything. And, they're kinda like the literary equivalent of a meal bar. You know it'll keep your brain busy but… With that thought, and the admission that while there was a finite number of those nasty snack bars and then they were all gone, whereas I have lots and lots of better things to read… Time to cut my losses. So what are the issues? Well, since I only managed half of book 1…


I can tell you that a book featuring a heroine who is too…spineless to tell her social-ladder-climbing mother that the thought of sleeping with the guy she's supposedly engaged to is like sleeping with her brother… yeah, we're off to a GREAT start.

And then there's the H. Well, actually, the H might be the only good thing about the book IF…he hadn't cheerfully met with the h for a booty call - while erstwhile fiancé is off playing field Dr in Guatemala.


I think the fact that the h is sleeping with H while planning her wedding (seriously!!) to another pretty much sums up my issue. That the second book apparently has the H engaged to someone else…. Yeah. I'm outta here.