Secrets of a Gentleman Escort - Bronwyn Scott

I picked this up mainly because the premise intrigued me. It's rare to find a Regency that doesn't feature some titled gent, preferably a Duke. That…was a nice change.


However, I feel let down. The first chapter seems to be the highlight of the whole book. The rest of it is…cerebral and not really in a good way. Dull maybe. How did the author manage that? I dunno. Well, first off, there was the whole foreshadowing of how bad he was. with his occupation just being a minor inconvenience. Eh? So what was he - did he eat small children for breakfast or something? Eh, no. Just his somewhat immature self hadn't done some repair work he was supposed to, a storm came, lightning struck a tree next to the barn, and caved in the roof. Yeah. That's it?!?! "Oh get over yourself." said with much dignified irritation.


Then there's the h who, at the ripe old age of 32 is cornered into either marrying someone whose last 2 wives died under mysterious circumstances or…giving up her fortune and retiring even further to the country. If you were being stalked by fortune hunters, were not forced to live under a relative's roof (say whaaa? again.), and had the freedom to live by yourself, why on earth would you remain where they could find you? Really? Why not grab a hoss and take off into the night, get on a ship, and oh…sail the 7 seas or something? Why make it easy for them? Or…give your fortune to charity before the due date. Gees; do I have to think of everything?


So while I'm curious as to What Happens Next (uh oh…), I don't think I'm enough of a masochist to follow a series where it took me 3 days to read a less than 300 page book. I've got enough books, some of which are bound to hold my interest better, that I don't need the aggravation.