Heart of Stone - Christine Warren

Basically, there is a guild of mages who keep an eye on 7 Guardians… well, actually it's mentioned briefly that there are a bunch of lesser guardians. The Guardians are gargoyles. And, there's an order of evile mages whose soul purpose seems to be to raise 7 bad nasty demons. The order has been eliminating the guild - to keep them from awakening the Great Stone Drag-uh- Gargoyles. A bad nasty runs across the h and senses her powers. He forces the issue (well, actually I think he was after something else), gets interrupted by the h's boss… shortly afterward the h says SOMEthing at the foot of the gargoyle that stirs his slumber. And…the story begins.


So our h is essentially an untrained mage, and the H (the animated statue) gets to train her, among other things. Much running and screaming occurs, among other things, she manages to use her powers to save the day a few times, etc., etc. and the story ends with him informing her that he can retire, remain in human form, and die of old age. Oh, and her friend has found another and presumably is the next in the series. It would appear that this one at least has a sell by date in that there are 7 total. Let's hope so anyway.


Issues, well, really, there aren't any - if you ignore the fact that the h goes from wigged out to lusting after her very own animated statue in 24 hours. Actually, that's probably my biggest issue. I would have liked to see a more gradual switch there.