Reaver - Larissa Ione

Ok, I mostly read this because I wanted to find out what happened next, so to speak, not because I wanted to read about angels having sex. And that is the issue I have with the whole series - I don't feel comfortable with this particular world. And…I'm also not impressed with an author who introduces a new character halfway through a book just to have another book. At some point, you gotta accept you've written about everyone important and let it go.


Other things… why does the highest ranking angel sound like a transformer? No-really. Metatron?


The plot was… convoluted - a plot within a plot within a plot within a…


All to discover that Raphael was practically a stalker, that Reaver and Harvester had a past from when they were both in heaven, and that Reaver had been a jackass.


The biggest reason, I suppose, that it manages a 3.5 is because I wasn't bored.