Born of Ice - Sherrilyn Kenyon

Hmmm. Ok, it's a tighter story than Paradise City, and many things that happened make more sense in the rewrite but… at times it seemed like she replaced everything that didn't indicate the character in question considered themselves to be worthless. At least it was the heroine this time, and she wasn't a hidden princess, billionaire astrophysicist philanthropist to go along with the zero self esteem. There was one change I didn't like - the h was illiterate in Paradise City. She'd taught herself to read and learned several languages in this one. Yeah. Ok. Look; there was absolutely nothing wrong with her being illiterate.


Still… at some point you start wondering why the author either can't come up with a more creative and/or interesting background or is hung up on it. It becomes almost a checklist….


person with horrible childhood:
rape - check
flogging - check
parental units indifferent or worse - check
poverty - check
gained education in spite of everything


Make reader depressed and in need of a stiff drink - check...