A good candidate...

Born of Fire - Sherrilyn Kenyon

for a drinking game.  Only, you'd be plastered long before you reached the end.  Just…take a drink every time you run across the words/phrases "Honestly", "Never in his/her life had he/she…", "piece of shit".   Oh wait; that applies to all the author's later books.  Bonus if the H was raped or whipped.


The sad thing is, a good editing job to remove the self-flagellations by the H would have a) shortened the book by 100 pages and b) garnered it a 4.


I'm two books in on the reprints of the series (getting ready to read the complete overhaul of Paradise City next) and well, I'm just…underwhelmed and maybe a bit numb to the whole H who rises above his horrific past in spite of having *no* self-esteem. Yeah. Sure. Next.


The h was about as bad I think - a goody-two-shoes type who lived in dire poverty.

I may have to grab SOMEthing else to break up this series just to keep from hurling one against the wall in annoyance.