Nobody likes me...

Born of the Night - Sherrilyn Kenyon

(finish rest of song…)


Because of Ms Kenyon's fascination of late with heroes who just can't believe they're worth anything, no matter how wonderful they are… (really - people with that little self esteem usually self destruct; not save the world)… I would really like to find a 1st edition - in spite of the fact that book likes gives me the old cover, this isn't that one. I would like to know if NyKyrian was always so… filled with self loathing.


I also have issues with people who wait for you to make one little mistake, then write you off (giving Syn the stink-eye).


And after all that, we discover he's a crown prince (cue Prince Lonestar moment). At least he wasn't flying a winnebago.


So what did I think? It had its moments where I really liked it, then the H would go into that self-loathing schpit, and I'd want to scream. Augh; enough already!