Paradise City - Sherrilyn Kenyon

Ok, I was told by a few not to bother reading this because Born of Ice is the same thing only better. I prefer to find out for myself, tenjewberrymush.


I read it. I think my biggest issue might be ye ol' "oh nos, I brought trouble to them! I'm gonna RUN!" mentality. I wonder - do people like this ever stop to think that it's a little late to run after you've already taken advantage of their hospitality? I mean; after you've spent a week on their ship, do you really think your running NOW is going to keep them from being targeted? And of course, we can't possibly ask for help.


Aside from that, h had an awful lot of attitude for a slave. I also found the whole plain and uninteresting angle a bit… unbelievable, especially in light of his going from disinterested to having difficulty dealing with the attraction in just a few hours.