Not…dead yet

Darkscape: Redemption - R. Garland Gray

Well, that cleared things up - there were TWO Declans at the academy when the previous h was in attendance, and it wasn't the half brother she did. Whew.


So our H, having issues due in part to the fact that his father was nuts and caused much murder and mayhem around the galaxy(s), and also due to the fact that dear old dad killed him (he too benefited from the transporter), is now negotiating trade on behalf of his half brother. And…he runs into the h. Makes quite an impression on her, as she does him.


Approximately a month later, the h, betrothed to a loser that she DOES NOT WANT, overhears that a local brothel has a new man - one who looks like the H. So, she goes to buy his service - to see for herself. Now… looking at the guy on the cover, wearing a slave collar used on sex slaves… Hmmm… :ahem


She helps him escape and they run like hell. Eventually, they come across the good Dr who remade him (and who is looking for him), thus making their way to safety. More mayhem occurs, with him regaining his partially wiped memory, etc.


You know… my complaint is that the series is only two books long… and to a certain extent, we're just left hanging there. Oh, the HEA is wrapped up for the H/h but… he has another half brother (crazy dad) and the half brother has…issues because daddy-o apparently abandoned his pregnant mistress when the H's mother showed up. Half brother disappeared. I would…like to know what happened next.